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The AGM Difference

  • 20% faster recharge than a conventional vented battery
  • 100% maintenance free
  • High sustained discharge
  • Low self-discharge
  • Classified as Non-Spillable
  • Tested to stringent military shock and vibration standards
  • Designed not to outgas under normal charging conditions


  • Think Safety First
  • Do read entire Owners Manual
  • Do regular inspections of battery terminals
  • Do recharge batteries immediately after discharge to avoid sulphation
  • Do use quality fully automatic charging systems


  • Don't add new electrolyte (acid).
  • Don't use unregulated battery chargers to charge batteries (as this will void your warranty)
  • Don't place your equipment and toys into storage without checking the batteries are regularly charged
  • Don't disconnect battery cables while the engine is running (your battery acts as a filter)
  • Don't put off recharging batteries (as this will void your warranty). Recharge as soon as possible after discharge to avoid sulphation
  • Don't discharge a battery any deeper than you have to (i.e Minimise your depth of discharge to approx. 50% to increase battery life )
  • Don't let a battery get hot to the touch and boil violently when charging
  • Don't mix size and types of batteries (or old and new) if possible as this may reduce your battery life
  • Don’t over or under charge your batteries as this will void your warranty

Sizing a Battery Bank
It is always good to have twice the battery capacity that an application requires. This will promote long battery life and also reduce the amount of recharge time.

Multiple Batteries
If there is more than one battery in the battery bank, the following guidelines should be used:

· Always use batteries of identical make, model and with the same manufacturing date
· Do not mix different types of batteries
· Make sure the battery cable is not undersized for the battery system
· Make sure the battery cables are connected to the terminals correctly. If unsure, professional assistance is recommended

Battery Charging
For maximum battery life, a battery must be recharged to 100% capacity. Recharging less than 100% may result in premature battery failure. Absorbed Power batteries are not covered under warranty if they are not recharged properly. Once the battery is fully charged, remove it from charger. The following charging voltages are recommended for maximum battery life for all Absorbed Power models. (lesser voltages maybe used in appropriate situations)

3 Stage Charger

Bulk 14.2 – 14.8 volts
Absorption 13.7 – 14.8 volts
Float 13.2 – 13.7 volts

2 Stage Charger

Bulk 14.2 – 14.8 volts
Float 13.7 – 13.7 volts

Single Stage Charger

Bulk 14.2 – 14.8 volts

Battery Chargers
Use only fully automatic battery chargers when charging Absorbed Power AGM batteries. Failure to do so can lead to over charging and premature battery failure. Absorbed Power sell high quality, AGM specific, Switch Mode battery chargers for ideal, all application charging needs.

Providing your motor (boat, car, truck etc) has an alternator and quality voltage regulator system onboard, set to the appropriate voltage, charging Absorbed Power AGM batteries is easy. If a dual battery arrangements is used and utilizing differing battery types, use appropriate dual battery regulator systems.

Solar Power
Solar power can also be used to easily recharge Absorbed Power batteries where conventional AC mains power is unavailable. It should be kept in mind that a solar power regulator must be used as the voltage output of solar panels is in the range of 16-22vdc depending on the panel construction and weather conditions. We do not recommend self regulation as this method can lead to undercharging or overcharging of the battery and reduced service life. We also recommend that the regulator is fully automatic, and set to float charge at 13.7 volts and then stop charging.

A petrol/diesel powered generator may be used in conjunction with one of our fully automatic battery chargers for recharging. We do not recommend that the battery be recharged from the "Charge Outlet" of the generator (if fitted) as the charge regulation on many generators is insufficient. Recharging an Absorbed Power AGM from the "Charge Outlet" will void your warranty should the battery be damaged. If you wish to use a petrol/diesel powered generator AC Volts outlet with a battery charger, the alternating current circuit must be capable of delivering up to 4 amperes continuously (depending on the size of the charger to be used).

Knowing When To Recharge
For maximum battery life in deep cycle applications, do not discharge the battery bank below 50%. Continually discharging the battery bank below 50% will shorten the battery life. The open circuit voltages listed below approximate the various States of Charge.

State Of Charge
100% SOC 12.80 volts or greater
75% SOC 12.55 volts
50% SOC 12.20 volts
25% SOC 11.75 volts
0% SOC 10.50 volts

For Inverter/Charger Applications
Refer to your Inverter/Charger owners manual to ensure that correct voltages have been set.

Battery Discharging
For best battery life do not discharge battery past 50% or at absolute worst 11 volts. AGM batteries do not hold a memory. Where an AGM battery has been stored in a flat or very low charge condition it will quickly degrade through lead sulphation. This will be evidenced by the battery showing full charge but not holding full charge, with a rapid discharge. This loss of capacity can become permanent if the battery remains in a discharged or undercharged state for even a shortperiod of time. Sulphation is the cause of the most premature battery failures, and this can occur very quickly, so recharge your battery as soon as possible after discharge.

The following recommendations may be helpful if the battery is to be stored:

  • When storing the battery in a vehicle or vessel, it is not necessary to leave it on charge. Disconnect the negative battery cable. This will prevent inadvertent discharging of the battery that may lead to a complete discharge
  • Fully charge the battery before putting it in storage and store in a cool place
  • Bulk charge the battery every 90 days to ensure maximum battery life

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